Australia’s Beamish Brothers introduce solo projects @itsJudeYork with “I Won’t Need To Dream” and benjamin with “Tunnel Vision”

Regular readers of this blog will know of my enthusiasm for any new music by Australia’s Beamish Brothers over the last four or five years. The guys – Jeremy and Ben – always make interesting, thoughtful, well-produced songs with inspired arrangements which often have unique soulful or funky backdrops.  

But the big reveal happened recently on Instagram where the two officially launched their solo side projects, Jude York and benjamin.  And it was led by announcing Jude York would be a contestant at last week’s “Australia Decides” EuroVision concert with his new single, while benjamin got publicity for his single in the bright lights of New York City’s Times Square.  So let’s check out both singers’ new songs.

JUDE YORK, “I Won’t Need To Dream”

“I Won’t Need To Dream” is a gorgeous ballad, inspired intentionally or not by 1930’s musicals, that is decidedly unlike the songs you’ve heard from The Beamish Brothers. But it represents tremendous growth for Jude (aka Jeremy) as you will see in the live clip from “Australia Decides” above. While he won’t be representing Australia at EuroVision, you just know that many music fans are going to remember this song and performance, which oozed so much charm, sung in a beautiful key with some resplendent high notes at the end. No wonder Darren Hayes (who was one of the evening’s judges) was impressed!

benjamin, “Tunnel Vision”

Just as you will recognize Jude/Jeremy’s precision and high notes from Beamish Brothers songs, you’ll recognize benjamin’s inviting earthier tones in a fitting soulful and jazzy alt.pop setting in his single “Tunnel Vision”. This is a confident and more logical follow up to Beamish Brothers singles like “Dollar At The Heart” and “Anxious”, with an undeniable groove and hook that runs through the song. “Tunnel Vision” would sound great early on in the evening in a club, where it would be a unique mood-setter, and I’d also pitch it to college and alternative radio stations looking for a snappy song to brighten up their playlists.