Let your mind drift and sweep you away in “Feelings of Yesterday” by India’s @Ashwynmusic

ASHWYN, “Feelings Of Yesterday”

Ashwyn is a talented singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer who ditched a rising career as electronic dance producer Astra for more creative pursuits while still a teen.  He’s released a series of very different singles over the course of the last year, including the warm and compelling “Sell My Soul”. Surprisingly, he’s returned to more of a pop/dance release with “Feelings of Yesterday”, but this is not your cookie-cutter overproduced dance music that clutters up the radio these days. He’s made a fine decision to create a memorable, beautifully sung song that’s actually meant to convey the feelings of isolation and loneliness as many people have felt during the pandemic. The song has such a great rhythm, perfect for a long drive along a beach coast or late at night when the sky is full of stars, that Ashwyn stops singing and lets it take over halfway, which allows your mind to wander and your feet to do their thing on a club dance floor should you be so inclined. “Feelings of Yesterday” is a distinct new emotional dance track that takes risks while being perfectly accessible. It’s from Ashwyn’s forthcoming EP of the same name.