Meet Manchester singer/songwriter @iamJessicaLuise with dreamy “Middle Of June”

JESSICA LUISE, “Middle Of June”

If you want a song that will totally change your mood, then “Middle of June” by Manchester singer/songwriter Jessica Luise is just the tonic for you. It’s a dreamy, vibrant, optimistic song about falling in love. I enjoy particularly how Jessica has chosen a time of year, somewhere in the world, where the song takes place. In much of the world, June is a warm, sunny month and of course a favourite for weddings. Without even looking at the press materials, I found that Jessica sounded immediately similar to Harriet Wheeler of British group The Sundays, best known for the early 90’s hit “Here’s Where The Story Ends”. But “Middle Of June” will definitely help Jessica Luise carve out her own path with a trail of positive vibes right behind.