“Bluffin'” is the sophisticated but streetwise underdog by Liamoo from Sweden’s Melodifestivalen contest

LIAMOO, “Bluffin'”

I enjoy watching Sweden’s Melodifestivalen contest as well as EuroVision, because they are non-stop entertainment, and North American producers just don’t seem to be able to do that and rather focus on celebrity and a lot of in-between banter instead. I’m a sucker for an underdog, and this year “Bluffin'” by Liamoo was it.  24 year old Liamoo is the 2016 Swedish Idol winner performing this sophisticated, streetwise song. Though it finished third, if marketed properly, it could be a big hit outside of Sweden. It’s got the appealing hook, memorable melody, and that captivating vibe which made for a very entertaining performance. “Bluffin'” lost out to a great winner – Cornelia Jakobs’ wonderful “Hold Me Closer” – but it’s a song that has a lot going on for you to enjoy.