French producer @Mercer_music returns with house rave-up and tribute “Aretha”

MERCER, “Aretha”

It’s been a while since French producer Mercer dropped new music, but he’s back and in charge with “Aretha”. This is a can’t miss house rave-up and a reverent tribute to the Queen of Soul. I could be wrong but it sounds like Mercer has chopped up a series of vocal bites from Miss Aretha – one of his samples may be 1987’s “Rock-a-Lott” because part of the song reminded me of another song where it was sampled, The 49ers’ 90’s hit “Touch Me”. These vocal bites contain few words, and his tight editing lets Aretha go loose in almost like a wordless Ella Fitzgerald way. He’s matched the vocals with a fierce house mix, and the results are one ultra-cool record that many DJ’s will play at festivals and events through the summer.