German dance producer PYNGU @pynguparty is back with the rich sound of “Everytime”

PYNGU, “Everytime”

For whatever reasons, “Everytime” is German dance producer PYNGU’s first release since 2019. Fortunately, although earlier and better known under the name Kyco, he’s returned as if he hasn’t missed a step. “Everytime” is a solid, bass-synth laden production that deserves to turn heads. There’s also some nice pedigree in the mix – the song is co-written by Denmark’s Boye & Sigvardt, who topped my personal chart late last year with “Microdose”. While the female vocalist doesn’t get credit, she’s expressive and gives the song its edge in its tale of frustrating heartache. But it’s really PYNGU’s rich, uniform production that’s the star of the show, making “Everytime” an easy choice for both dance radio and club DJ’s.