Meet British-Romanian pop singer/songwriter Edith @eeeediith with the sparkling “The Day We Met”

EDITH, “The Day We Met”

Edith is a fresh new voice who hails from Romania but moved to London as a child. Her influences are 60’s and 70’s pop/rock which lend themselves well to “The Day We Met”. The song’s sparkling melody, cheery vocal, and strikingly tight backdrop – think Gwen Stefani’s “Great Escape” era – put a sheen on a sometimes wistful reflection to good and important past times which we can never revisit. The conclusion I get from this is that we have those memories to always take with us, and no one can ever take them away, even if accompanied by some heartbreak where the person they were about is no longer a part of your life. “The Day We Met” is a promising glimpse of Edith’s talent, which will be showcased later in the year on her debut album In This House We Celebrate Heartache.