Bedroom pop/R&B singer and producer @Steven_Thad returns with ballad “Waiting” and EP “The Rock Boy”

STEVEN THAD, “Waiting”

I introduced you to Washington DC-area-based pop/R&B singer/songwriter Steven Thad earlier this year. His sweet and confident tones are back in the ballad “Waiting”, which is culled from his new EP The Rock Boy, and it also includes previous single “(Sometimes I Feel Like) Nothing”. Like the latter song, “Waiting” is all about the vocal and songwriting, and Steven proves that he can handle the softer side of pop/R&B with ease. “Waiting” exudes personality and charm amid a bedroom production that sometimes overpowers Steven’s lead vocal with his own harmonies. In his EP, he tackles 2000’s favourites “This Love” (Maroon 5), “Still Into You” (Paramore), “Paranoid” (Jonas Brothers) and “Since U Been Gone” (Kelly Clarkson) so you can get a taste of his pop/rock sensibility, and where he wants to head with his music. I admire an indie performer with such positive ambitions, so be sure to check out Steven’s music and you’ll find plenty to enjoy. Steven discusses “Waiting” in the video below.