“Punching Bag” is top notch straight-up solo pop by NYC’s Victor Perry @wallflowerperry

VICTOR PERRY, “Punching Bag”

NYC singer/songwriter Victor Perry launches a new phase of his solo career with the straight-up pop of “Punching Bag”. Continuing to be a go-to vocalist for numerous dance music producers, Victor releases “Punching Bag” in follow up to his well-received 2020 solo EP Rewind, whose songs (such as “What I Deserve”, which reached #2 on my personal chart) were more in the alternative R&B vein. “Punching Bag” contains a story to which we can all relate, with Victor’s pristine vocal ever-listenable. What really helps flesh out this song are the distinct harmonies, which is something that is often missing in dance releases. Produced and co-written with Brett Castro, “Punching Bag” sounds more accomplished than any of Victor’s previous solo releases, and I’m excited to hear what’s next.