Maryland-based Asian-American singer/songwriter @BINNYiscoming returns with the idyllic story “After Hours”

BINNY, “After Hours”

“After Hours” is the kind of alt.pop song that is written when you’re high on romance and your 9-5 suddenly just becomes a job. Maryland-based Asian-American singer/songwriter BINNY is back with a carefully crafted song that sets the type of romantic evening in motion when the world stops and you don’t want it to end. It’s set to a gentle melody that plays against a ticking clock and a soothing vocal, knowing in earnest that at some point that special evening will be over, but the memories will linger on. BINNY has found a nice sweet, soft spot with his narrative in “After Hours” that listeners will enjoy, helping us relive past events and create new ones too. Because our lives often get in the way, even if we all can’t have regular idyllic times like in “After Hours”, we can be a little bit more cognizant of when they are needed, and take away how they can continue to play big parts in our lives. Check out the partially animated video up top.