L.A. singer/songwriter Raye Robinson @itsjustraye returns with bubbly song about self-confidence “Prince Charming”

RAYE ROBINSON, “Prince Charming”

Like in last summer’s “Daisies”, L.A.’s Raye Robinson uses whimsy and personality to their best effect in her recent pop single “Prince Charming”. And with a modern take on the fable, the song in fact is not about someone’s Prince Charming, but about the protagonist’s ability and self-confidence to do whatever she wants without needing someone to come into her life and change it. All of this is set to a compelling, jaunty and bubbly melody that will have you smiling along as you root for Raye’s character to keep going and being who she is. Raye is loaded with talent as a singer and songwriter, and “Prince Charming” is a refreshing slice-of-life tale.