Revisit Toronto singer/songwriter @5CMagic CMagic5’s “Dancing On My Heart” through a punchy dance redux by Russian duo @_GoingDeeper_

CMAGIC5 & GOING DEEPER, “Dancing On My Heart”

Regular readers of this blog know that I don’t revisit songs that I’ve written about without good reason.  Toronto’s CMagic5 is a promising singer/songwriter out of Toronto about whom I’ve written before, including my original post about her single “Dancing On My Heart” last Fall. Since then the song has received some remixes, but this redux by veteran Russian electronic dance producers Going Deeper gives an already strong song an immense lift. It’s been transformed into a punchy, biting (albeit very short) deep house track which I enjoy more than the original. I’m always big on remixes and reduxes if they can take a song to another level, and this one is a very good way indeed to promote the talents of CMagic5.