“Sunflower” is slick, sparkling mid-tempo house by L.A. based dance producer #Pillows

PILLOWS, “Sunflower”

The L.A. based (but Hungary born) mysterious and masked dance producer Pillows is on a roll with her latest single, an original called “Sunflower”, which follows up her unique spin on Justin Timberlake’s “My Love”. “Sunflower” contains a lot of high synth notes and effects which make it sparkle, something that dance music radio stations should be listening for these days rather than just playing songs by bigger named producers because of their marquee value. What makes it even better is Pillows’ fresh vocal, which has a grittiness like Alison Wonderland or Lights, and instantly gives “Sunflower” more substance in a dance music biz increasingly full of same-sounding Splice vocals. With songs like this, Pillows is certain to capture the attention of radio station programmers, club DJ’s and listeners alike, with a bright rest of 2022 ahead.