Australia’s benjamin sings about the helplessness of anxiety in “Spiralling” in collaboration with Singapore producer DSML

BENJAMIN x DSML, “Spiralling”

Australia’s benjamin quickly follows up his taut, funky pop single “Tunnel Vision” with the lyrical and emotional “Spiralling”. In collaboration with Singapore electronic producer DSML, benjamin creates a story that many young people have known all too well during the pandemic, when anxieties take over and you feel helpless and out of control. During this time many people felt that they had to put on a happy face on zoom calls and hide their feelings, which made it more difficult when they were on their own for so many hours on end. benjamin’s vocals are at their best here and “Spiralling” is a deeply personal contrast to the much lighter “Tunnel Vision”. While he has recorded several fine releases as one half of the Beamish Brothers, benjamin is off to a great start with his first two solo releases.