Charlatans leader @Tim_Burgess releases the refreshing alt.rock of “Here Comes The Weekend”

TIM BURGESS, “Here Comes The Weekend”

While he is best known as the lead singer of the British 90’s alt.rock group The Charlatans and has released five solo albums to date, Tim Burgess has also been offering “Tim’s Listening Party” on a regular basis on Twitter for the past two years, which through his many fellow artist connections in the biz, has been welcoming and highly entertaining during the pandemic. With The Charlatans not having released new music since 2017, he turns the spotlight back on his own music with the release of “Here Comes The Weekend”, his first new music in almost two years, supported by the above video directed by Kevin Godley. “Here Comes The Weekend” is a light refreshing rock tune about two people who seemingly can never meet in person and always meet online on the weekend. The song has some lively moments thanks to a very prominent Hammond organ-type of sound, very similar to what was used in early 80’s songs such as Dire Straits’ “Walk of Life”. Nonetheless “Here Comes The Weekend” is all about the good times, even if they are at a distance.