Swedish quartet Louis Pax offers up the classic pop flavours in “Get You Off My Mind”

LOUIS PAX, “Get You Off My Mind”

Louis Pax is a Swedish pop band that readers of this blog will already know well from their recent #1 on my personal chart, the instantly engaging and memorable “Bad Things”. “Get You Off My Mind” follows up their last single, the ballad  “Spanish Rain”, and is more of a return to the upbeat pop of “Bad Things”. The band continues to acquit themselves well with their tight, well-honed sound. The dreamy lyrics are instantly relatable as we head into Spring romance season, and you’ll hang on every word once again beautifully sung by Oscar, who has one of the best new voices around. So if you enjoy the music of 5 Seconds of Summer or Why Don’t We, then “Get You Off My Mind” will also fit snugly into your pop playlists.