“Tuff” by @VASSY & GT_ofice @sumip_e gets remixes and the producer launches equally radio-friendly “Moving On” with singer @BrittLari


VASSY & GT_OFICE, “Tuff” (remix EP)

“Tuff” by VASSY and GT_ofice is a fun, punchy dance song currently making its way up my personal chart that might be a hard act to follow. But Miami producer GT_ofice found its successor with “Moving On”, a relatable house track featuring singer and co-writer Britt Lari, also on my chart singing on Syence’s insanely catchy “don’t you wanna know”.  The melody and rhythm are key to creating a memorable groove under Britt’s resolute vocal. So “Moving On” should be easily embraced by those dance radio stations that love and are still playing “Tuff”.

“Tuff” also recently received a series of remixes in a new EP designed for clubs and festivals, with a couple of notable highlights from a pair of Australian remixers. Kondo has the most fun with deeper house elements that seem to draw from late 90’s favourites, while Mind Electric alters the pacing more deliberately and adds some percussion flavours which give his remix added sparkle. Check ’em all out below.