London-based pop singer Natalie Shay is back with her fresh new ballad “Two Sparks”

NATALIE SHAY, “Two Sparks”

When I wrote about Natalie Shay’s “New Wave” last Fall, she sang of happy new experiences in romance. The versatile singer is back but this time has tackled the other end of the spectrum with a poignant ballad called “Two Sparks”. Yes it’s a breakup song, written about when those ones red hot fires of passion have extinguished, but an exceptionally lyrical one, and thanks to her fine vocal, it’s quite an easy listen. And “Two Sparks” isn’t a song intended to make you sad – it’s written in such a relatable way that you might find yourself singing along instead after a few listens. Fans of Halsey, Haim, and Taylor Swift will enjoy this one, as well as fans who generally appreciate good vocalists.