El Paso native @KiNGMALAmusic is back with pulsating TikTok favourite “cult leader”

KiNG MALA, “cult leader”

When I last wrote about the always interesting alt.rock indie singer KiNG MALA, it was for her single “Golden Retriever Boy”, a kiss off to certain types of men who have crossed her path the wrong way. Her new single “cult leader” has already amassed considerable attention on TikTok. That’s not surprising considering the impressive video (above) and the singer’s approach to confidence in the song’s lyrics. With the distorted melody and synths against a pounding beat, KiNG MALA compels you to be the “bad bitch” (as in her MALA name) when you want to be. For future consideration, I would love to hear KiNG MALA’s music set against a future bass backdrop. “cult leader” comes close to that in principle, but would need a bigger and more explosive synth arrangement. As is, “cult leader” is instantly memorable with its haunting melody and performance.