Meet SoCal indie pop band Private Island @pvtilnd with whimsical new single “Trippin'”


If you enjoy your pop music on the lighter, whimsical side on a regular basis or even in small doses, then meet SoCal indie trio Private Island and check out their latest single “Trippin'”. The band says that ““Trippin’, is about [lead singer] Christian’s sewage water leaking into his roommates room, which is directly underneath his own. Walking downstairs to see how he was doing, Christian finds him carefree, sitting at his desk with his shirt off, wearing a moisturizing clay face mask, as if nothing was wrong.” Oh, so you’re listening now? Glad I got your attention. “Trippin'” represents an accessible style of pop that was going out of vogue until big names like Harry Styles tapped back into it. Private Island have been around for a number of years in various incarnations, but this new trio version is tight and has a lot of promie with songs like “Trippin'”.