Dance music favourite @BrightLightx2 revisits stirring early single “Moves” with @IanHWatkins of @Stepsofficial


One of my favourite albums of the 2010’s hands down is Bright Light Bright Light’s debut indie pop/dance album Make Me Believe In Hope, which includes a collection of his brilliant early singles like “Love Part II”, “Disco Moment” and “Feel It”, which were all written up in the very early pages of this blog.   “Moves” remains an adoring highlight of the album as its final single, reaching #6 on my personal chart in 2012 (original video below).  To celebrate the upcoming 10th anniversary deluxe re-release of Make Me Believe In Hope, BLx2 (Rod Thomas) has revisited “Moves” in a clever duet with Steps singer Ian “H” Watkins. It works beautifully, adding not only another layer of voice but meaning in the lyrics as two people struggle to move on in their lives instead of one. I’m sure Rod has more surprises up his sleeve and you owe it to yourself to check out the anniversary edition of Make Me Believe In Hope, particularly if you missed it the first time around.

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