Dig deeper into Australia-based quintet @MOONWOODmusic’s EP “Everything We Once Knew” with emotional rocker “Notice Me”

MOONWOOD, “Notice Me”

Not long ago, I introduced you to Sydney, Australia-based quintet Moonwood and their deft, deeply personal style of alternative rock. Comprised of members from Australia, the USA and Canada, Moonwood have released a six song EP called Everything We Once Knew, and perhaps the most dynamic track from it is “Notice Me”. So many people will tap into its earnest lyrics about being not only misunderstood, but also ignored and unseen, and its refrain of “scream my lungs out” resonates deeply. With a fluid mix anchored by a fluid mix of guitar, bass, drums and keys that supports singer Jake McCullough’s affecting, charming vocal, “Notice Me” is a slice of indie alt.rock that rises way up above other bands. I think that Moonwood’s music will find its way to rock music lovers across the world, and “Notice Me” should lead the way. Fans of bands like Powderfinger, Lifehouse, The Calling, and Eve 6 should take note!