Meet L.A.-based electronic dance producer @MRKOmusic with hypnotic deep house track “Dark Ocean”

MRKO and SOPHIA ILYS, “Dark Ocean”

MRKO is an ambitious electronic dance producer from L.A. who will grab your immediate attention with the striking deep house of “Dark Ocean”.  It’s a taut mix featuring an inviting vocal by Sophia Ilys that builds steadily with its haunting melody. What’s lovely about “Dark Ocean” is that MRKO doesn’t overwhelm the song with huge synths and saves them for their own showcase later in the song. As someone who grew up with a myriad of musical influences from James Brown to The Police to Justice to Lane 8, the reference points in “Dark Ocean” have been disguised well, though a nod to 2000’s trance of Armin van Buuren and Above & Beyond could be factored in. “Dark Ocean” is a great introduction to MRKO’s world. You can often find him spinning tunes on Neon Owl Radio on Twitch, and any record label wanting to invest in a surefire hit needs to check out his recent release “Gotta Good Thing”.