L.A.’s @TwoFriendsmusic team up with @Johnk for the sentimental dance/pop of “Wish You Were Here”

TWO FRIENDS and JOHN.k, “Wish You Were Here”

Two Friends (Eli and Matt) have been touring relentlessly in 2022, so in-between that and making Big Bootie mixes, we have their first release of the year, “Wish You Were Here”. It features and is co-written with singer John.k, known for his thoughtful acoustic hit “If We Never Met”. “Wish You Were Here” is an unexpected and interesting collaboration, a few steps away from the party-hard elements of many of Two Friends’ more recent singles, with a softer, reflective vocal by John.k that doesn’t feel out of place at all. In fact, although it’s not an anthem like past Two Friends’ songs like “Just A Kid” or “With My Homies”, it contains similar relatable sentiments and a bubbly synth melody which would make it fit tight in a Two Friends set. I’m looking forward to hearing this one in concert. PS:  the video is a heart-tugger (keep a tissue handy)!

Two Friends perform at History in Toronto on June 30 and July 1.