Meet new L.A.-based indie pop/rock singer/songwriter @JJBravesmusic with “Starrdust (I Am Human)”

JJ BRAVES, “Starrdust (I Am Human)”

“Starrdust (I Am Human)” by JJ Braves will grab your attention for two very good reasons. First, its tidy arrangement is packed with nostalgia circa 1986 – think John Parr, Mr. Mister, Heart, Bon Jovi. Second, it’s got a provocative set of lyrics which make you think about your limited time in this world and what you want out of your life. It’s all brought to you by new L.A. singer/songwriter JJ Braves, the performing name of Josh Keever, who has a big, earnest and convincing voice that reminds me of NYC rocker Ryan Star. While “Starrdust” may initially seem anachronistic, it ends up being fresh and bold, reminding us to be mindful not to place artists in closed boxes.