Keeping up with prolific NYC singer/songwriter @RobbieRosenlive: “Purpose” with Florida-based producer @TedBello777, and “D.A.M.N.” with German producer Rolipso and mystery producer Booty Leak




Former “American Idol” contestant and singer/songwriter Robbie Rosen, is someone who lives and breathes music every day. With multiple dance music releases happening all the time, it’s almost impossible to keep up with him, and I do try to catch most of his releases. Today I’ve got two of his best recent ones for you.

“Purpose” is not only a splendid piece of songwriting, but it’s an exceptionally tight collaboration with veteran Florida-based producer Ted Bello. In a timely coincidence, Shawn Mendes echoed the theme of this song with his touching and eloquent speech at Canada’s Juno Awards this past week. “Purpose” is an uplifting song with a bubbly, friendly pop/dance melody with tropical flourishes that reassures the listener that they are enough and have a purpose. It’s one of Robbie’s best recent vocals too.

“D.A.M.N.” is simply too short at only 2 minutes long but Robbie makes the most of it in a crisp, rich deep house production by German producer Rolipso and mystery producer Booty Leak. This one’s about that deep down fascination with someone when they tweak that special spark that you want to pursue. Robbie’s convincing vocal and a concise story keep “D.A.M.N.” crammed with intrigue, but then… it’s over and you mutter to yourself “now, wait a minute”…