NYC’s @JakLizard crafts positive R&B vibes with “Young Americana”

JAK LIZARD, “Young Americana”

I recently introduced you to Jak Lizard with “Ride Home”, some down-home easy going R&B that reminds me a lot of 90’s well-remembered group Arrested Development.  Jak’s recently released a six song EP, Young Americana, that includes “Ride Home” as well as the equally fine title song. About the EP, Jak says, “The six-track release is a love letter to optimism in a time of strife and the idea that when we stick together, we cannot be stopped”. And that is certainly a powerful, much-needed message especially for the young people who listen to this record. It fuses 70’s Motown and Stax flavours with 90’s R&B, along with a bevy of horns and beats that keeps the melody busy while Jak sings his optimistic message. As someone who through his songs is outspoken about love and positivity, Jak Lizard is definitely one to watch.