Sweden’s @Darinofficial keeps the groove on max with “Superstar”

DARIN, “Superstar”

One of the sheer delights of 2021 was to have Swedish star Darin back recording in English after an eight year absence, during which time he focused on songs in his native language. “Can’t Stay Away” was my #2 song of the year, and it was followed up with the heartfelt ballad “Holding Me More” – both songs reaching #1 on my personal chart. “Can’t Stay Away” even got a second wind when it became a big hit in Italy this year. “Superstar” follows the happy, uninhibited groove of “Can’t Stay Away” with another airy dance/pop release that will please his fans immensely. Though perhaps not as strong as the previous two singles, “Superstar” features another impeccable Darin vocal and bright production by no less than the renown Stuart Price, along with rising British duo Billen Ted and co-writer Jamie Hartman. With “Superstar”, I certainly can’t get enough of Darin’s current releases, as well as the dynamic, memorable style in its video above (with the same director as “Can’t Stay Away” too).