Get to know Dutch alternative trio Mike Rogers with the rollicking “Can’t Stop”

MIKE ROGERS, “Can’t Stop”

Mike Rogers is a Dutch alternative trio with pop, rock and dance music roots, consisting of producers Mike Mago and Roger van der Zwan (TWR72), and vocalist Micha de Jonge (from the group Kita Menari). Very reminiscent of the intent of dance act Miike Snow, Mike Rogers is intended to be a live act, with a full album coming next year. Ahead of all of that is “Can’t Stop”, a powerful new single about a guy trying to breakaway from his past life of being constantly misunderstood. Micha’s voice is bold and deep and unlike anything you’ll hear on the radio, and the overall sound of the single is of triumph and exhilaration. Put “Can’t Stop” on your list of songs to check out.