Meet new London alt.rock quartet @FRANSISmusic with reflective and joyous “Honeymoon”

FRANSIS, “Honeymoon”

With songs like “Honeymoon”, new London-based quartet FRANSIS can guarantee it won’t be a flavour of the month on the indie alt.rock scene. Featuring powerful and expressive lead singer Emma Withers, the sound of FRANSIS has the backbone of Florence & The Machine led by a charismatic singer (check out the video above) whose voice is Rita Ora meets Zara Larsson. “Honeymoon” is a well-produced release full of subtleties and tells a positive and joyous reflection upon teen years as leading to an even happier adulthood. The music scene needs more singer-songwriters like Emma who can spin honest lyrics with which many young people will identify. And the complete package as FRANSIS is a tight band that you’ll want to hear more from when their EP is released later this year.