Meet London, Ontario’s @theCedarSisters with the intriguing electro-folk of “Tragic Tide”


“Tragic Tide” is a poetic tale of love and loss by London, Ontario duo The Cedar Sisters, who bring a fresh blend of electronic music, folk and pop to the table with the goal of tantalizing your ears.  And they do a great job of that with a hypnotic, beautifully sung song that holds your attention with its gripping story. The Sisters aren’t actually sisters, they are Jane Carmichael and Elle Hermansen, who met at a Basia Bulat concert years ago, which led to them performing together initially as backup singers. The taut production and tight ensemble playing make “Tragic Tide” a well-rounded record. You’ll immediately want to make comparisons – Sarah McLachlan, Christine McVie, Stevie Nicks, Natalie Merchant, Sheryl Crow, Maggie Reilly, and Kate Bush all come to mind at various times when listening to “Tragic Tide” – except with beautiful harmonies replacing overdubs of the same voice.