Sweden’s Louis Pax return with a pop bop all about “Ophelia”

LOUIS PAX, “Ophelia”

Sweden’s music scene is continually brimming with a variety of talent, and pop trio Louis Pax is one you don’t want to miss. You’ve been reading about the guys – Oscar, Gustav, and Hannes – all year long in these blog pages, when “Bad Things” got a grip on me late last year and wouldn’t let go, ultimately reigning at #1 on my personal chart for a month and becoming one of my favourites of the year. After the ballad “Spanish Rain” and the rock flavoured “Get You Off My Mind”, “Ophelia” is their third single of 2022 and returns them to the pop bop territory of “Bad Things”. The story is about a fascination with “Ophelia”, someone who, as the band says is, “a modern, independent young woman who defies society’s norms, questions everything and is not afraid to show up to the world raw and uninhibited.” The chorus asks her “won’t you tell me ’bout what’s on your mind” – being open to chat is always a good thing. Louis Pax has a tight, honest pop sound with “Ophelia” that culls influences from early 80’s power pop that’s very refreshing.  Readers in Sweden and Denmark can keep their eyes open for Louis Pax tour dates this summer.