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It’s “10/10” time with edition #26!  In “10/10”, I write about 10 hot and fresh songs in no particular order, for your kind consideration and attention.  I continue to write individual blog posts about certain songs.  That does not mean that songs in the “10/10” lists are any less than those featured individually.  So you get to learn about more new music that I hear but I wouldn’t otherwise get to write about.  Songs often end up on my personal chart, the BILLCS Top 30, such as from edition #25 with “Romance with A Memory” by Oliver Sim and “The Edge” by NIVIRO and Harley Bird currently ranking in my Top 10. They may even receive airplay on one of the many affiliate online radio stations that are learning about my blog choices and finding them good fits for radio shows such as “Your Weekend New Music Mix” or “The Big 20”!


  • DLMT, TELYKAST and ARLISSA, “Melody”
  • TELYKAST, “Stay”

Last year, L.A. production trio TELYKast broke out on national dance radio, finishing their year off with “Unbreakable”, which reached #1. Keeping that needed momentum in play are two more recent releases, their own 90’s influenced deep house track “Stay” and the collaboration with Canadian producer DLMT and L.A. singer Arlissa called “Melody”. TELYKast’s “Stay” is pretty much an instrumental, with an atmospheric production carried by a stalwart beat that will keep dancers glued to the dance floor. “Melody” is a good bet for dance radio play with its infectious hook and interesting vocal change ups in a tight production. The winning partnership with rising producer DLMT – who also had his own dance radio #1 with Mahalo on “So Cold”, and festival favourite “Wish You Were Here” with Afrojack and Brandyn Burnette – would definitely be worth repeating.

  • ROMAN MŪLLER and DANNY DEARDEN, “Lost Tonight”

UK singer/songwriter Danny Dearden follows up “Mind Of Mine”, in collaboration with Danish producer Henrikz and currently racing up my personal chart, with the summery “Lost Tonight”.  This time partnering with Swedish producer Roman Müller, “Lost Tonight” is all about unleashing that urge within you to go out and get crazy for an evening, which of course is even better on a hot summer night.  Once again, Danny’s versatile voice gets a good workout and the song is a welcome post-pandemic lift as we begin to enjoy the nightlife again.

  • HENRIKZ and ROBBIE ROSEN, “Over Again”
  • JRL and ROBBIE ROSEN, “One Too Many Times”

Henrikz also follows up the above-mentioned “Mind Of Mine” with Danny Dearden with “Over Again”. Deep house meets overthinking and heartbreak in this co-write with its singer, Robbie Rosen, and Jessica Lattman. Here we have a winning and classic song structure with relatable lyrics and an earnest story to captivate the listener. It’s deeper than what you’ll normally hear on dance radio, but that why you’ll find you’ll be putting “Over Again” on repeat.

“One Too Many Times” is a second of the many recent Robbie Rosen releases (co-written again with Jessica Lattman) which I always tap into because I know you are getting top notch quality, and among the songs you will find some that you will love. This time he’s paired with Swedish production trio JRL – who released the memorable “Break Your Fall” with Cammie Robinson a few years back – and the results are dynamic and slick. Robbie sings this time of self-realization when you just can’t keep working at a relationship that doesn’t reciprocate. Though “One Too Many Times” doesn’t really offer much that’s new, its story unfolds concisely and goes down easily.

  • DEVINCY and BENJAMIN, “Absurd”

benjamin (aka Ben Beamish of Aussie duo The Beamish Brothers) follows up two infectious recent singles “Tunnel Vision” and “Spiralling” with “Absurd”, something a little off the beaten path created with Japanese producer Devincy. While the cool funkiness of “Tunnel Vision” is once again present, this time it’s fused with a light ska-reggae rhythm which makes it an instant grab for summer. “Absurd” makes it three engaging, ruminative singles in a row for benjamin, whose voice most definitely suits this style.

  • LIA RYE, “Fever Dream”

“Fever Dream” is the title track from the recent EP by South London alt.pop singer/songwriter Lia Rye. Flaunting her beautiful British accent through her intriguing story, Lia instills plenty of character in “Fever Dream” to make you understand an artist’s point of view when faced with a self-imposed deadline. The song has a scurrying pace that presents the artist on ice skates, if you will, as she tries to stick-handle her way to accomplishment.  Lia Rye follows the lead of black women forebears Joan Armatrading and Tracy Chapman to place herself squarely in the pop realm, and with songs like “Fever Dream”, the future indeed looks very bright.

  • MATT BOYLAN-SMITH, “Follow Me”

Matt Boylan-Smith is an indie alternative rock singer/songwriter from New South Wales, Australia who writes from his experiences and his heart with worldly visions in mind. As its infectious chorus indirectly tips you off, “Follow Me” is actually written about his connection with a 100 year old woman in Germany a few years ago who was moved around and displaced so much in depending on what event was happening in her life at the time. Matt has an earnest, street-wise voice that one would associate with a folk troubadour, and his production with Dan Frizza nails down a well-played and arranged sound that fans of The Lumineers or Rag ‘N Bone Man would embrace.

  • FLOWERS OF EVIL and MARIA UZOR, “Mop The Floor”

“Mop The Floor” is an infectious song that for all intents and purposes is all about nothing. It’s brought to you by Manchester-based alternative electronic trio Flowers Of Evil who bring in singer Maria Uzor from the group Sink Ya Teeth for a vocal assist. Musically, the song is a throwback to all things alt.80’s but I hear sounds of early Depeche Mode and Spandau Ballet (from the new wave era 1981-84) as well as later groups like House Of Love or The Mighty Lemon Drops in the mix. Vocalist Oscar Puente says the song “is the peak of lyrical nonsense”, based on a complex dream where nothing was really resolved in the end. Thus, “Mop The Floor” presents a provocative story, which, like its absurdist-styled video, leaves much up to the listener/viewer to decide.

  • MANTIDE, “Deep”

“Deep” is an inviting, sultry house track that, according to a Facebook page, is by Mantide, an Italian dance producer. Despite being rather anonymous and unassuming, “Deep” is a song that can work well in clubs because of its fluid arrangement that uses a rather static melody as the undercurrent while the dreamy female vocal glides along the shifting rhythms. It’s a solid, well-produced late night track deserving of your attention.