A gentle tale of romance unfolds in @AashMehtamusic’s electronic ballad “When I Saw You In A Crowded Room”

AASH MEHTA, CAPELLE and ANDY SANDRICK, “When I Saw You In A Crowded Room”

After an outstanding trek into house music last year with “Back To You” (which reached #5 on my personal chart), Chicago-based electronic producer Aash Mehta returns to the electronic ballad landscape with the gentle “When I Saw You In A Crowded Room”. This quiet tale of romance is carried by a striking and yearning melody, and brings together singers/songwriters Capelle and Andy Sandrick, both with contrasting vocals, who were featured separately on Aash’s debut album Discover Infinity. The song starts a bit slow but gradually gels as the story unfolds and the vocalists make their love at first sight believable. “Crowded Room” will be featured on Aash’s sophomore album The Moments In Between, which is due in August.