UK pop singer @SeanSmithsolo returns with an anthem for romance “In Love With The Night”

SEAN SMITH, “In Love With The Night”

British singer Sean Smith’s versatility allows him to move seamlessly between pop sub-genres as diverse as swing and electronic dance music. He’s back with his first solo outing in a while with “In Love With The Night”, a dynamic pop anthem for romance in the wee hours. Whether it’s going to a club or grabbing a coffee, “In Love With The Night” is about celebrating romance in the nighttime setting. Songwriter and producer Justin Busch has tapped into a solid, danceable sound for Sean, who has previously seen action on my chart with “Magic”, and duets with Peter Wilson (“Verona” – which reached #2 – and “One and One”), and Ben Davidson (“Dirty Mirrors”).  “In Love With The Night” is an endearing and festive anthem for the night.