Washington DC area indie singer/songwriter @Steven_Thad releases new EP “Pop Man” including original “Husband Material” and a cover of @Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable”

STEVEN THAD, “Husband Material” and “Irreplaceable”

Steven Thad’s enthusiasm for his releases is contagious, from his You Tube videos promoting the songs and EP’s to his social media posts, and he’s only just getting started. Give Steven a budget and a good producer and we will have next level recordings to hear. But in the meantime, on his new indie EP “Pop Man”, he offers up the original “Husband Material” and a winning cover of Beyoncé’s “Irreplaceable”.

“Husband Material” (above) is especially good as an original because Steven has a gentle way of telling a story about a gal he likes, but who is really only looking to find a guy to marry. And Steven has a mouthful to sing about, so the song isn’t really conventional songwriting, though its melody and brief hook will find their ways into your head. It’s unabashedly pop – as his EP title implies – but with a few different strokes.

Steven’s take on “Irreplaceable” (below) is intended to be a singalong from the get-go, and because Steven doesn’t have Beyoncé’s power and pipes, his far less intimidating version also works. Knowing that this is an empowerment anthem for women in its original form, Steven scales it back vocally while retaining its message and intent, and offers up in the process a more forgiving rendition that we can comfortably sing with because most of us can relate to it all too well.

Pop Man also includes the previously released cover of Michael Bublé’s “Everything”, another take on a Bublé tune recorded with Charlie Puth called “Love You Anymore”, and a stab at Olivia Rodrigo’s “drivers license”.