L.A. pop/dance singer/songwriter @TylerGarrettusa releases new album “Mirage” featuring “My Life”


Following last year’s album release Runaway, L.A. prolific singer/songwriter Tyler Garrett quickly follows it up with a 15 song alternative dance album called Mirage, which includes the song “My Life”.  The album will please dance music fans who like their music brisk and intense, though the album has its diverse, downtempo moments too. “My Life” is one of the aforementioned powerful tracks, about taking back control of one’s life, more of a straight up alternative dance song with rock elements when compared with some of Runaway’s more R&B flavoured jams. It’s got a late 90’s aggressive electronic dance flair that strangely reminds me of Underworld’s “Born Slippy”, though it’s nowhere near as over-the-top. For more tastes of Tyler’s Mirage album, I can steer you to the title song, “Resurface” and “Expedite (My Love)”.