Meet @EminEMINZADA with unique alt.pop release “Bloodline”

EMINZADA, “Bloodline”

“Bloodline” isone of the most unique alt.pop releases you’ll hear this year, a thought-provoking song from new London-based, Azerbaijan-born singer/songwriter EMINZADA. As easy as the song goes down melodically, the song’s message remains profound, carried by EMINZADA’s own simple and likeable vocal with its tidy British accent. It’s about that time in one’s life where family tradition, as honoured and pronounced as it might be in some cultures, must come to an end in order for someone to live the life they choose. As a person with a disability that affects him as a singer – with a sunken breast bone that can impact his heart and lungs – and as a disabled member of the LGBTQIA+ community, EMINZADA experiences daily hurdles which he shares through his music. “Bloodline” is also rich with Azerbaijan traditional instrumentation, which is rarely heard in the global pop world. “Bloodline” gently commands your attention and makes you look forward to what EMINZADA will deliver on his  forthcoming EP.