“Timebomb” cranks up the fun retro 2000’s energy courtesy of L.A.’s @TwoFriendsmusic and vocalist @ModSun

TWO FRIENDS and MOD SUN, “Timebomb”

I had the pleasure of being in the audience for Two Friends’ high octane return to Toronto on June 30, and got to hear “Timebomb” the day before release. It’s an enjoyable, energetic track that draws a lot from the early 2000’s melodically – think Blink 182, Good Charlotte, American Hi-Fi, and others. But of course, being a Two Friends release, you can expect some big synths and drops which ramp up both the song’s likeability and its power in concert. Minnesota native Mod Sun brings big attitude and edge to his vocal, and it couldn’t be any better of a match. While he’s had more than a 10 year career, it wasn’t till recent years working with Machine Gun Kelly, blackbear, Travis Barker, and of course now-fiancée Avril Lavigne that his style and talent have come to fruition. This one is destined to be a staple in Two Friends’ sets, and is a nice contrast to their recent sentimental dance radio hit with John.k, “Wish You Were Here”.