UK singer @FRANSISmusic releases thought-provoking “Pin Me Down” from new EP “Honeymoon”

FRANSIS, “Pin Me Down”

Although I initially wrote about FRANSIS a while back as a four-piece alt.rock band, it’s now a showcase name for singer/songwriter Emma Withers.  Following up the title track of her EP Honeymoon, “Pin Me Down” is a compelling folk-rock song that takes its time to unfold its words about the struggles that women face in the aftermath of crimes like sexual assault. The first three minutes are sheer cathartic release in which FRANSIS’ lyrics are sung over a softer, guitar-led melody that gradually builds. After the three minute mark in “Pin Me Down”, all of the anger and frustration kept under wraps in the first part of the song let loose in a highly memorable, no holds barred vocal performance. Not shying away from being provocative and honest in her music, don’t be surprised if FRANSIS continues to acquire more attention outside of her native England this year and next.