The new era of @MAXmusic is upon us with slick and soulful “Wasabi”

MAX, “Wasabi”

Although I have my past MAX favourites that will always stick with me, a new MAX era is upon us that began initially with “Gucci Bag” and continues with the slick and soulful “Wasabi”. It’s infectious songs like “Wasabi” that will continue to keep MAX as an in-demand name in concert, where he will always flourish thanks to dynamic and earnest performances which attract a dedicated audience. “Wasabi” is also accompanied by a unique and humorous video where MAX is kidnapped and wife Emily has to save him. So let’s just say that unexpected stuff goes down,  and the video also features singer/actress Alison Stoner. MAX continues to ride his current and deserved wave of success, and I’m hopeful that his refreshing vocal in “Wasabi” might parlay the song onto Top 40 airwaves.