Meet L.A.-based singer/songwriter @SUMMYsideup and her post-relationship pop track “Wish I Never Met You”

SUMMY, “Wish I Never Met You”

Meet Summer Ferguson, who performs as Summy, with her new single “Wish I Never Met You”. With a punchy, pitch-perfect vocal that recalls songs by Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande, the Arizona-born Summy eloquently sings about the aftermath of a past toxic relationship and the healing process that ensues. While there is lots of pain and sorrow between the verses, Summy uses her indie pop song to rise above what’s happened and share her experience with listeners in a sophisticated but direct approach. “Wish I Never Met You” never waivers and the steady, near-anthemic kind of melody makes the song inspiring rather than a downer. And stick around for the ending – a beautiful 20 second emotional vocal coda backed only by minimal piano that will certainly turn heads.