Nashville-based @AJSmithmusic releases uplifting, anthemic “We’re All Gonna Die”

A. J. SMITH, “We’re All Gonna Die”

You never know what Nashville-based, Denver-born singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist A. J. Smith has up his sleeves. He surprises us again with “We’re All Gonna Die”, which is an unexpectedly uplifting track about recognizing your mortality and figuring out what to do about it. The anthemic rocker, which will appeal to fans of Sam Fender and The Killers, also has an intriguing video which finds A. J. thrashing about against a green screen while film clips depict fights, battles and a car chase. I haven’t figured out what that all means in relation to the song, but maybe you will! The song otherwise is all about A. J.’s unbridled vocal and a chorus that just doesn’t miss.