NYC indie rock music project @Reboundernyc releases introspective and funky “Boy Friday”

REBOUNDER, “Boy Friday”

After scoring significant streaming success with the previous infectious single “Japanese Posters” to the tune of around 10 million streams across platforms, NYC indie rock project Rebounder brings you “Boy Friday”. The song may help anyone who is what I call in media res – in the middle of things – in their life, wanting to move forward, but not without remembering the past. So Rebounder manages to successfully channel these complicated thoughts and set it to music. And “Boy Friday” – whose video above offers a travelogue of downtown L.A. – makes a good casual listen, too. It features zippy guitar work and a mid-tempo funky melody, all of which reminds me of Paul Weller’s 80’s pop project The Style Council. Rebounder is led by singer Dylan Chenfeld, who has a likeable voice with a beautiful tone that shifts into slight falsetto, which is part of the song’s appeal. If you enjoy their buddies The Neighbourhood and Alfie Templeman, then you’ll know that “Boy Friday” will go down easy.