The latest from @Shoffymusic is a bright dance bop called “Love Ya”

SHOFFY, “Love Ya”

Stepping away from the thoughtful storytelling of recent single “Nightmares in New York” for a second, L.A. based electronic artist Shoffy offers up a bright dance bop this time called “Love Ya”. It’s a straight-forward song about telling your special someone how much they are loved, and how much you want to be around them. It’s also a clever production that abandons its lyrics in favour of its melodic hook for almost the entire last minute of the song. That makes “Love Ya” a bit of an unanticipated rave up. I can see remixers having fun with this one, and not surprisingly the song has already garnered early support, including from Apple music. Oozing positivity, “Love Ya” is from Shoffy’s upcoming album Onward, due next month.