Get to know Toronto-based DIY electronic pop artist Analias with the direct “Stay Away”

ANALAIS, “Stay Away”

I’ll say it right now – “Stay Away” is one of my new favourites. It’s brought to you by enigmatic singer/songwriter/producer Analias (as in “an alias”), who has been releasing music for the last three years or so and previously was a contestant on France’s “The Voice”. What I like best about “Stay Away” is its well-produced breezy synth melody, which is in turn countered by some direct and sincerely sung lyrics as the singer clearly doesn’t want someone close to him to get hurt. The chorus is “stay away / stay away from all the fuckboys” and it packs a unique and unexpected punch. So as is, you won’t hear the song on the radio, but then again readers of this blog know that the best songs aren’t on the radio anyway! But if you’ve ever known someone who’s about to enter a life of trouble, “Stay Away” could’ve been their musical guide. Analias has also achieved another feat with “Stay Away” – making you want to hear more from him.