Go on an adventure with NYC producer @BudCahillmusic and the progressive house of “Jupiter Outlaw”

BUD CAHILL, “Jupiter Outlaw”

Officially called “Storybook Volume III: Jupiter Outlaw”, you’ll find that NYC-based electronic producer and violinist Bud Cahill wants you to create your own personal journey through his music. “Jupiter Outlaw” is an progressive house instrumental that begs visuals, and industry sync coordinators would have a field day placing the song in a video game, short feature film, or even a commercial. Bud is obviously very heavily influenced by trance, techno and other electronic music sub-genres, and his music in “Jupiter Outlaw” opens the door to whatever kind of fantasy you want to envision. The song has a majestic flow to it, not so much caught up in the bass end of melody as it is the higher tones, which balance quiet and bold as well as some interpolated medieval-sounding female vocals. Check out either the edit above or the extended version below, and you’ll find lots to enjoy.