Meet NYC-based electronic producer Greg Oakland with his new trance delight “Sanguine Energy”

GREG OAKLAND, “Sanguine Energy”

NYC-based Greg Oakland is new to the electronic music recording scene but with “Sanguine Energy”, it’s obvious he’s been carefully studying the experts of the trance sub-genre, which could include Above & Beyond, Gareth Emery, BT, and early Tiēsto and Armin van Buuren. “Sanguine Energy” is a complex instrumental that combines lots of the best elements of current trance music and in turn fits like a glove. It also makes a strong impression because of all of the detail that has been captured, which allows the song to ebb and flow and generate spontaneous reaction from its listener. You’ll find the sly edit above but the full, almost 7 minute version below. Let “Sanguine Energy” take you away to a special place where you will move and groove and enjoy. Very well done!