Meet USA-based London-born singer/songwriter dhruv @dhrvie with soulful pop song “Blur”

dhruv, “Blur”

Sometimes all it takes is a fine song for an artist’s voice to get stuck in your head. A perfect example of this is dhruv, a London-born singer/songwriter of Indian parents who spent much of his childhood in Singapore. That he has such a subtly soulful voice in his new single “Blur” seems contrary to where he was raised, but he latched onto American and British artists through his own discovery as a teenager. He was signed to RCA a few years back after an early single “double take” went viral on Tik Tok and topped charts in south Asia. He’s since released an album called Jezebel, and it’s taken a while but “Blur” is getting North American alternative radio attention, conveniently on the heels of another rising RCA artist, Steve Lacy. It’s an introspective midtempo song that shows off dhruv’s beautiful tone, which is kind of halfway between Zayn and Troye Sivan. Keep your ears open for more music this year from dhruv.