Meet Germany-based singer/songwriter XADES with sultry “Locked In” from new EP “Shaded”

XADES, “Locked In”

Germany-based, Netherlands-born singer/songwriter Xades (pronounced “shades”) is off to a fine start with her debut EP called Shaded. What’s quite interesting is that Xades has had a modest career as a DJ in Europe under the moniker MSJY, so she is stepping out from behind the decks to show off an attractive, sultry, sometimes sassy vocals. Latina through heritage, you can sometimes hear similarities to Selena Gomez in her pop approach, though her songs gravitate to the alternative genre.  “Locked In” has kind of a puzzling start, but you’ll quickly get immersed in its hook and atmosphere, thanks to a mix of playful rhythms and interesting synth work. As a DJ, Xades knows what makes a record sound good, and the eclectic mix of electronics and jazzy backdrop in her EP is very appealing. “Locked In” is also available in a truly quirky and transforming techno-based remix by Switzerland’s Atrice.